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Interior planning for the small bedroom is not an easy task, but feasible. Correct planning, successful selection of colors, use of decor and accents, original design ideas for a small bedroom will make it possible to decorate the space beautifully, comfortably and in an original way.

Design Ideas for a Small Bedroomsmall bedroom

The planning and layout of the interior are greatly influenced by the shape and size of the room. Design ideas for a small bedroom in Khrushchev are based on the principles of the compact arrangement of apartments. Popular are minimalist projects, characterized by the maximum comfort with the limited use of decor. Shabby chic and vintage are attracted by antique furniture, Japanese style can inspire the creation of a fashionable atmosphere. It is important to use techniques to increase space, correctly pick up the color of floor and wall coverings, create beautiful accents.

Ceilings for a small bedroom

A light palette in the surface finish leads to a visual increase in the squaring of the room. White, beige, cream colors for a small bedroom are ideal. To finish the top of the room used plasterboard, stretch cover, whitewash or wallpaper. The ceiling, painted in a radiant light shade, will help visually expand the apartment. You can decorate it with neat polyurethane skirting boards with beautiful ornaments.

ideas for a small bedroom 1

A good visual effect of increasing the space gives another way – the ceiling is finished in the same color as the walls. In this case, the clear geometry of the room is erased, it looks more voluminous. Popular ideas for a small bedroom on the use of glossy stretch ceilings. They will adjust the dimensions of the room due to the reflective surface of the film. With successfully inserted lighting, a chandelier and a lot of flickering light bulbs, beautiful two-level forms, tension structures are a spectacular sight.

ideas for a small bedroom 2

The color palette of wall coverings affects the overall perception of the dimensions of the room and the emotional state of the occupants. The color of wallpaper for a small bedroom is better to choose light, it will make the atmosphere more light and free, will help create a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. White, pastel, gray shades visually increase the room and will be an excellent background for furniture and bright accent ideas in the interior. You can use light shades of blue, light green, pink on the surfaces, the material of shiny texture, with silver or gold dusting, is actual.

ideas for a small bedroom 3

Needed ideas for a small bedroom on pasting one of the walls with contrasting wallpaper. This method gives the room an originality. Creating an accent plane over the headboard of a bed made of wood panels or using textile paintings with a pattern, large-format images of nature, flowers, cities – the original solution for decorating a place for sleeping. The remaining walls are made in a one-ton version, one patterned surface for a small room is enough.

ideas for a small bedroom 4

You can deceive the perception of space with panoramic images. Photo wallpapers with a perspective pattern can create a feeling of extra volume. Realistic landscapes push the dimensions of the room, the use of lighting or fluorescent paint will create a real miracle in the room, from which it will be impossible to tear off the view. The best style for a small bedroom is minimalism, classic or Japanese. Under them, it’s easy to pick up a story on the wall – cherry twigs, natural landscapes, city quarters. Occupy such wallpaper adopted one wall.

ideas for a small bedroom 5

While doing the decor of the window in a small room, it is recommended to give priority to fabrics without large drawings. Monochrome curtains suspended from the ceiling on the concealed cornice, with even folds, pull the room up. It is recommended to hang them on the entire width of the wall so that the window looks good in a small room. With the idea of a monochrome version of the design of the apartments, curtains with drawings can be used.

ideas for a small bedroom 6

The color of the textile for framing the window opening must be combined with the fabrics for decorating the furniture. The design of curtains for a small bedroom should be as concise as possible. They do not use a lot of fabric, a translucent material is chosen, flowing with soft folds. Suitable smooth curtains with the correct drapery or with small neat picks on the sides.

ideas for a small bedroom 7

Curtains are able to transform the interior, make it spacious and light. Light tulle for a small bedroom with drapes, which gives the room airiness and weightlessness – an ideal idea for window decoration. For this, two canvases of different shades are used, creating an elegant composition together. Contrast pick-ups, selected in the tone of accent elements in the interior, will help create a complete design.

ideas for a small bedroom 8

Harmoniously in a small classical room will look shortened French curtains of light texture with elegant soft drapery, For minimalist conditions roll or Japanese canvases on the windows. Curtain-thread, decorated with stones or beads – innovative original ideas for decorating a small room. They look airy and light, attract grace, in composition you can combine material of different colors.

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