separate collection
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The separate collection is now a practice that we are preparing to deal with every day, a great way to make the environment a better place with small attentions and attention.

For an all- green world, the idea is to use specific containers for the collection of waste, just like the solutions proposed by Bama: Poker, Tris of Poker and Triple. With extreme ease, you will be able to carry out the separate collection at home without any effort: you will know exactly where to store plastic, paper, glass and organic waste.

The basic rules of separate collection

separate collection

Here then are some tips on how to organize a perfect collection with the Bama containers and learn the true art of recycling!

The first rule of recycling, for the types of material such as plastic, aluminum, and glass, is always to wash the containers very well and then throw them into the appropriate container. In particular, with regard to plastic bottles, it is useful that they are crushed to reduce their volume and create more usable space.

Containers for separate waste collection on the balcony

separate collection

On the separate collection of paper, however, here are some more points: do not be thrown the receipts, the untied and dirty pizza cartons, the paper towels that we use kitchen, newspapers and magazines, packaging boxes. The cardboard containers of the fruit,  on the other hand, are 100% recyclable.

Even organic waste, that is residues and raw and cooked food waste, have their place within the separate collection: now each city, with its methods and its rules, has decided to approach this practice and make it easier and easier for everyone. Organic waste may include white and unprinted napkins and paper towels, coffee pods and capsules (if compostable plastic). The so-called “wet” must then be closed in the appropriate biodegradable bags before being thrown away.

The containers for the separate collection

separate collection

With the Poker bins, Tris Poker doing the recycling in the right way will be easy. Created with light materials and with a  modern design, it will allow you to make a  home collection effortlessly, even on the balcony, composing as best as you can the angle of the differentiated. Easy to clean and to use, Bama containers are the versatile and comfortable solution to collect any type of waste material, without cluttering or dirtying.

Blue, red, yellow and green: these four colors will symbolize your commitment to the environment and match perfectly with the colors of your home, balcony or garden. Plastic, paper, glass and organic waste, will, therefore, have their special place and, we are sure, for you, the recycling will no longer have secrets!

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