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In the construction industry, cladding is essentially the process of coating one building material with another. There are three main purposes for this: appearance, safety and functionality.

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A wide variety of materials can be used to clad buildings, such as brick, wood, plastic, metal, and imitation stone. Within each material type, it is common to find even more options available to choose from; for example, metal cladding could be galvanised steel or aluminium, and wood cladding could vary from plywood sheets to pine or even cedar.

Although cladding is often a popular choice due to the extra layer of protection it adds to a building, choosing a material that is fit for purpose is essential. Following the Grenfell Tower fire, the government produced a guidance paper on the use of aluminium composite cladding.

Brick cladding may be an alternative. You can contact a specialist for more information on brick cladding; alternatively, an internet search will bring up lots of results.

Let’s take a brief look at the three advantages of using cladding in a construction project:

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It is low maintenance

One great advantage of cladding is that it is generally low maintenance. Most cladding requires nothing more than an occasional clean to keep it looking good, whereas painted surfaces are likely to need completely redoing every few years. Brick cladding is especially low maintenance, making the initial investment one well worth considering during the construction phase.

It adds an extra layer of protection to the building

In keeping with the practical essence of most construction projects, one of the most popular reasons for choosing to clad a building is the way it can help to protect it from the elements. Cladding offers protection against wind, rain, sunlight, pollution and extreme temperatures, increasing the mechanical strength of any building.

It can be aesthetically pleasing

Of course, functionality and design go hand in hand when it comes to construction projects. There is no doubt that choosing the right cladding can drastically enhance the appearance of a building; what’s more, kerb appeal can have a positive effect on the market value.

The wide selection of cladding materials, styles and finishes available makes it possible to completely transform the appearance of a building; for example, it can help buildings to blend in with their environment or stand out from the crowd.

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