bright living room
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Is there anything that makes you more cheerful the day you get up in the morning and see how the sun comes in through the windows of your bright living room? To me the truth is that I draw a smile that does not get out of my mouth easily, and that I do not live in the typical building of 30 floors that has absolutely nothing ahead.

Your room can be another if you carry out a series of changes like the ones I share with you in this article. You will see how natural light penetrates easily and you will not have to use the lamps until the sun sets (if the orientation is west).

bright living room

Light colors

A room will be more or less dark depending on the colors you use on the walls. And not only that, but the decoration and furniture also play a fundamental role. I recommend that the white reign for bright living room, being able to choose the tone that you like the most based on your preferences. Other soft colors are also welcome, while wood, the more clarity, and the better. The same thing I just said can be applied to the ground.

Cushions that illuminate

There are cushions that transmit a barbaric joy. Make sure you are surrounded by yellow, green or turquoise cushions, as they are wonderful colors to achieve the goal of filling the bright living room. Also, keep in mind that silk and velvet are materials that also help.

bright living room

Fall in love with the fibers

It will not cost much, really, and above you will do it with the peace of mind that gives you that natural fibers are very fashionable. They let in the light and it gives the feeling that they serve to air the room, so they are a good choice.

Clear the terrain

As if it were an action movie, you will have to clear the terrain. Of course, this time the bad guys do not go with a gun, but threaten to bring chaos to your home and cover the entry ways of light rays. What solution? Bet on light curtains of vaporous fabrics and prevent furniture or any corpulent complement from becoming a barrier.

bright living room

The crystal is fantastic

If you are a lover of glass vases you will not have problems when it comes to betting on this highly recommended material for light to flow. The same must be said of its presence in the windows, where everything possible must be done so that they occupy almost all the space, which translates into very thin frames (and even to do without the blinds!).

The doors also have a lot to say

When it comes to looking for natural light for the room you have to look at all kinds of solutions. One of them has to do with the doors, that if the white pints will ally with you. What’s more, you can even replace them with a glazed model that will cause the rays of light to flow beyond the room.

bright living room

Well-placed mirrors

Surely you will already know that a mirror brings depth and luminosity. Of course, you have to make a good decision when placing it, and that means looking for a location where it is fixed perpendicular to the window and at eye level, since that way it will reflect the light.

Attentive to the sofa

When we talk about the living room, there is no element more protagonist than the sofa. It usually takes up a lot of space and you have to make sure that you do not become a light thief, for which you should choose light and neutral colors, or in any case bright colors like the ones I mentioned when talking about the cushions, if it is true that the risk that runs is greater because they are not the typical colors.

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