Vertical gardens
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If you want to give a different touch to the exterior of your home today I explain some ideas to create vertical gardens, an original and fun way to place your plants and flowers that, in addition to helping you to take advantage of the space upwards, will contribute to design a nice decoration on your terrace, garden or balcony. And is that being vertical does not need excessive space to place them, just some imagination and this help that we offer today to guide you in the process.

Vertical gardens

Light and shadow

Before starting with the ideas to make your own vertical garden, we will see some previous considerations. First, you must take into account the light received by the area where you are going to place it , to know what type of plants and flowers will be more suitable to place. Secondly, you must design the vertical garden so that the plants above do not overshadow those below, for this it is advisable to put those to which favors the shadow in the lower part of the structure.

The species of plants

You must also take into account what kind of flowers and plants you are going to put, because if they need a lot of pruning or a lot of irrigation, for example, you will have to leave the simple access to the top to reach them.

The materials of the structure

On the other hand, you must also think about what materials you will use to create the structure; they must be resistant to the weight of the pots or of the earth in case they go directly without pots, and resistant to the in clemencies meteorological of the outside. Keep readingĀ

Barriers and stairs

These two ways of decorating with vertical gardens I liked a lot. On the one hand, you can create beautiful pots with wooden napkins, designing a structure of the most special, and you can also use a ladder to place the plants on their steps.

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Vertical gardens with pallets

Another way to create vertical gardens is to use a pallet. You can hang the pots in them with some hook, for example, or use the holes that are left between the wood and the wall to put a special canvas of planting so that the irrigation does not spoil the wood, directly cast the earth and plant there. Of course, make sure there is no space left and that it is completely stuck to the wall.

Vertical gardens

Glass flower pots

Another way is through glass jars screwed into wooden boards that you place on the wall. First he nails the wood and then places the jars with a kind of giant moth attached to the wood. You can plant aromatic plants or the flowers that you like …

Plastic bottles

This way you can reuse your plastic bottles. Cut one of the sides and turn them into pots that hang on a wall creating beautiful shapes, forming straight lines or as you like.

Pots forming a tree

This idea is very original and allows you to design a beautiful exterior decoration. It is about placing the pots as if they were part of a tree. In the photo on the right you can see another vertical garden; in this case, special, thick and consistent canvases have been placed directly on the wall, from which the plants sprout outwards. Which one do you like the most?

Metal cans

Directly hung from the wall or in some structure, the metal cans become vintage flower pots of the most elegant. Place colorful plants inside to give life to the gray tone of the container and you will see what a beautiful vertical garden you can create.

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