White and wood bathrooms
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White and wood is the perfect combination to achieve a lovely and contemporary bathroom. For several reasons, among them, it is that white makes the spaces bigger and brighter and combines with everything else, and wood brings warmth, elegance and good taste to the spaces. Let’s see white and wood bathrooms design.

White and wood bathrooms decoration

White and wood bathrooms


There are many more reasons to want a white and wood bathroom. We will see them next. In these white bathrooms and in wood that I have collected. Take note and get ready, because the bathroom you are looking for is here.

If the bathroom is attic and we are lucky that the structure of the roof is made of wood. We can leave it visible and support it with other elements in wood. Such as the countertop and bathroom floor, and the rest white.

Although it is small, white makes it appear visually larger and brighter. Wood provides the necessary warmth that white lacks. If we like wood a lot and have a few meters, we can add a strip on the floor, combined with ceramic tile, and extend it towards the wall, projecting it to the ceiling.

We can also use imitation wood ceramics, and coat the wall of the bathtub. To achieve a warmer and more welcoming appearance. Even if you fall in love with white, do not be afraid to put it in even a little wood. It will break the monotony of all white and will provide warmth and texture. Especially if marble or white gloss tile is used, which are more “cold.”

Rustic bathroom

White and wood bathrooms

Bathrooms in white and wood do not mean they are rustic, luckily today we have both white tiles of the modern cut. As wooden furniture of the same bill, or other styles. To explore the environments we want.

Warm and bright this other white bathroom, with shelves, countertop and other elements in light-colored wood. Of contemporary vintage cut, if it is what we like, we can also design it in white and wood. The darker the wood, the more contrast with the white it will create. As we see in this other white bathroom and wood.

Minimalist bathroom

White and wood bathrooms

If we already have the finished bathroom, with the furniture and sanitary chosen and the walls covered, we can always modify the floor, adding wood imitation tile or tile. To add the touch of wood that we are looking for, creating a clean and clear space. Like this minimalist bathroom.

There are many, many kinds of wood; not everything has to be the traditional oak and pine. Explore different woods to get different shades according to their tone.

The ceramic in imitation wood format is better cleaned and has no problems with humidity. It loses warmth and texture. But over the years compensates, since it does not need any maintenance or treatment.

Modern bathroom

White and wood bathrooms

If you are looking for a modern design bathroom. It is always convenient to add a touch of wood, to provide the warmth you need, especially if it is all white, as they have done this pair of artists.

And if you’re looking for a bathroom in white and wood but warm and cozy, then add more wood to the equation than white, as we see in this other bathroom designed by the architect Bruno Miguelez.

We can also add white and wood to define the areas, as in this bathroom where the bathroom area has been covered with imitation wood tile, defining its space.

Something that never fails is to add the same wood or the same tone of wood on the floor and the countertop.

And to finish this collection of white and wood bathrooms, we do it with this project that keeps the exact proportion of the two components, white and wood, to achieve a modern, warm and balanced bathroom.

They are the fashionable couple; there is no doubt about it. White and wood form a winning tandem. And if you’ve wanted more, here you can see other white and wood bathrooms.

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