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Our most dedicated readers know it: wood is one of the materials we love and to which we have devoted many publications. In addition to being natural, the wood also has the advantage of marrying perfectly with all the colors and with almost all the styles of decoration. Some wooden decor for the modern and natural adult bedroom is here.

To add to that, wood deco is combined in many variations by the finish of the wood and its essence. This is one more reason to love this material that exists in versions adaptable to all interior spaces. And since it is so, the wood deco is also an ideal solution for a modern and organic adult bedroom.

What wooden decor for the modern adult bedroom?

This is the question that will interest us in this publication. Below, we present the best wooden decorating ideas for adult rooms of the moment. Look! Keep Reading- 7 decor ideas to make your home a special place

Wooden decor for the bedroom with platform bedwooden decor

The bed on the platform or platform is an option that is adopted more and more often in the adult room. More than a space saving option, it is a modern and practical interior design solution. The bed becomes the focal piece of the room and gives more space for its owners.

So that’s our first idea of wooden decoration for the room. Adopt a bed on a platform made of organic materials! Depending on your taste, you could select the height of the dais and its size. Additional accessories, such as light strips, are also fully customizable.

Another advantage of such a wooden furniture for the room: you have the opportunity to select the shades of the wood so that it fits best with the rest of your interior space. What’s better for a relaxing and natural atmosphere?

Wooden decor idea for an adult bedroom with an original headboardwooden decor

With our next wooden decor idea, we stay on the same wavelength as we are going to talk about another option to decorate your bed with this material. This is, of course, the wooden headboard.

In recent years, adult bedrooms have followed a more general trend: decoration and geometric fashion. The wooden decor with organic headboard fits perfectly with this trend. This explains why we see more and more wooden headboards made in various pieces that follow the classic geometric shapes.

Elegant, these wooden headboards are currently offered by the brands of bedroom furniture. But they are also available in DIY version. To create one, one only has to collect various pieces of wood. Then, it would simply be necessary to put them together in a sort of original mosaic. We can even highlight their shapes with a few light bands!

Wooden siding for the walls and the ceiling of the adult bedroomwooden decor

How to add an organic touch to the decor of his bedroom without loading the piece of furniture? For this, nothing better than to opt for a wooden siding. Most often, it comes in wall trim version or ceiling.

Both types of siding often echo other wood surfaces, but that is not obligatory. In fact, one can very well make of its wooden facing a unique accent of the room.

The wooden siding allows games of creativity and flights of the imagination. Of course, one can easily dress one of its walls in simple wooden planks. But it is equally possible to invent various forms and shapes to make this facing a work of art.

Good to know: in general, small pieces do not support a deco wood with wall cladding too provided. Here, we will limit ourselves to classical geometric shapes. To give more volume to the room, we will favor a clear wood essence. Conversely, in the parental suites and in larger rooms, one can opt for a richer wooden siding in detail.

A structural and understated wood deco for the bedroom uniting modern style with traditional architecture

The exposed beams are an element of the traditional architecture found in many French houses. When they are in the bedroom, they are enough in themselves to achieve a natural atmosphere and successful wooden decor. The only thing to master in such a space? The balance between the colors of the rest of the decor and the color of the wood.

How to make its exposed beams a wooden accent of decoration? The answer is simple, again: we put on white paint for its walls. White and wood marry wonderfully; it is also an association that contributes a lot to the development of exposed beams.

Depending on the style of decoration you are looking for, it is also possible to combine wooden beams with stone or concrete walls. In any case, we will pay attention to the color of the walls since they do not have to steal the headlight from the wooden beams.

The wooden deco team with the space-saving furniture for the adult bedroomwooden decor

Depending on the type of interior space, wooden decor must sometimes meet purely practical needs. Thus, in small living spaces, the stylish wooden decor should necessarily match the requirements of space saving. Fortunately, today, finding the ideal balance between aesthetic furniture and the little greedy place is not at all difficult.

The furniture integrated into the room is the ideal wooden deco solution for this kind of space. Opened or closed, or even concealed in stairs dressed in wood, storage furniture of this type also serve as interior decoration.

The result is even more successful when this type of wooden furniture is inscribed in the bedroom through the choice of a suitable color palette.

The wooden decor for the bedroom also goes through the choice of a large mirrorwooden decor

Want to introduce a wooden accent in your bedroom without making big changes? In this case, consider the possibility of offering a large-format mirror with wooden frame. The wood finish is your choice. Some will prefer the rough surfaces of driftwood; others will opt for a large baroque mirror.

Regardless of the type of finish, the size of the large mirror will allow you to draw attention to this element of your adult bedroom decoration. Ingenious, is not it?

The small bedroom furniture that invites the wooden decor in the roomwooden decor

What is the small bedroom furniture that invites the organic atmosphere in the room? You guessed it: it’s the night table, of course! The modern style wooden bedside table comes in several different versions to suit all tastes.

To select the best, pay attention to the essence of the wood and how it harmonizes with the rest of the room decoration. In addition, the ideal piece of furniture for your resting space will also be accorded with the style of the room. Think of simple shapes and a light wood decor for Scandinavian interiors; dark and rich shades are more suitable for contemporary rooms.

Before going on to the next section, let’s also say that there are also ways to transform an antique piece of furniture into a modern adult bedroom nightstand. The wooden dresser is a great solution in this regard.

Because, in addition to serving as a surface for your night table and your laptop, it also offers additional storage. But beware, it should be that the height of the dresser corresponds well to that of the bed!

The driftwood decor for a natural and personalized bedroomwooden decor

You dream of a piece of furniture that will give more personality to the adult bedroom while creating a natural atmosphere? So consider a deco furniture in driftwood.

A table, a desk, a console or another small object (like the night lamp) … The options of deco accessories in driftwood are so rich! In addition, these seem to always have their own soul. Unique because made of pieces of wood shaped by the sea or the ocean, they are also available at a higher price.


But, rest assured! No need to spend a lot to get such a wooden accessory. If you like creative projects, you can simply make one yourself. For that, it would be enough to consult our special article on DIY deco driftwood. So, do you already have an idea of wood decoration the most for your bedroom?

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